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Rooted Bush Tea

Skin Salve

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Our Moisturizing skin balms are meant for those troubled dry spots, rashes and burns anywhere on your body.

Some Key ingredients include

­čî┐Plantain oil-Promotes tissue regeneration, assists in drawing. out toxins

­čî┐Calendula oil-Assists in itching, promotes skin repair

­čî┐Chamomile oil- Reduce cellular aging, softening and soothing, speeds up skin regeneration

­čî┐Tanamu oil- Rich in fatty acids, assists in symptoms of eczema

­čî┐Avocado Butter-Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, excellent for moisturizing the skin

It also contains Shea butter, jojoba and sweet almond oil, lemongrass or ylang ylang oil

What are Salves vs creams?

Salves have a beeswax base instead of water which can give it a longer shelf life and makes it more dense.